Foster Siblings (birth children of Foster Carers)


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letter to birth children

Fostering Stories


Tia's story - National Fostering Group

“Foster children can feel more comfortable knowing there is another young person in the house. Being closer in age, they may be more willing to open up to me sometimes than an adult.

“I’ve got along with every child we’ve fostered although I feel more at ease with some than others.

“It’s never their fault if things are difficult and sometimes it’s just the fact that they’ve not been here long enough for me to really get to know them.”


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What advice you would give to other birth children of foster carers & future foster carers & how has your experience been?

Nia from the video on the left has answered 7 questions often asked about being a #FosterSibling

flyer to birth children

What would you say to the birth children of people thinking about fostering?

I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need help. - S (birth child of Foster Carer)

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