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If you decide to make these tissue paper flowers, and end up making as many as I did, you could make your initial for your room.  I did buy some tissue paper to make mine, but I also used tissue paper that I had kept from gifts.  I used cardboard, most cardboard will bend easier in one direction, if you use 2 pieces and alternate them so they don't both bend the same way, that will make a stronger base to stick your flowers to, I made the N and R below.


birds - 4:27 frogs - 7:20 snails - 11:22 peacock - 20:35 caterpillar

Dinosaur Facts

  1. Did you know that the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, but birds and crocodiles survived.

  2. The Triceratops was the most similar dinosaur to a rhinoceros.

  3. Birds descended from a type of dinosaur called theropods.

  4. The heaviest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus at 77 tonnes.  It was the equivalent to 17 African Elephants.  Argentinosaurus is a double award winner being also the longest dinosaur.  It is also the largest land animal to have ever lived.

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