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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

All children and young people placed with Phoenix have an initial assessment period, during which a detailed and comprehensive assessment of behaviours takes place.  The assessment and subsequent analysis contributes to the development of a positive behaviour support plan, which sits alongside risk assessments and the child's care plan and placement plan.  

The PBS plan is created by our PBS Specialist in partnership with the child, the foster carer and the staff team supporting the placement.  PBS plans are flexible, working documents, designed to evolve and adapt to the needs of individual children over the course of their placement, whether this is 12 months or 12 years.    


Positive behaviour support is an evidenced-based approach, stemming from the scientific understanding of behaviour, including research, theory, practice and observation.

Positive behaviour support aims to find the meaning and motivators of challenging behaviours, using the techniques of applied behaviour analysis and assessment, and is guided by a strong value base and delivered in a child-centred way.  PBS plans are developed in partnership with the child, and we have found this to be a highly effective approach in managing and responding to challenging behaviours. 

Our PBS specialist also delivers training, both within the agency and to external professionals, and intensively supports all of our children and foster carers whenever necessary.

The following short film has been created by BILD in order to explain the basic tenets of positive behaviour support:

Visit the BILD website for more information and resources relating to positive behaviour support.

All foster carers and staff receive continuous training in all elements of positive behaviour support.  They also receive training in self protection strategies and low level physical intervention techniques that can be utilised by a single carer.  Monitoring has shown that effective positive behaviour support strategies can dramatically reduce and even eradicate physical interventions, violent, aggressive and other problematic behaviours.  

PBS is an ethical way to support children with challenging behaviours, and actively supports young people using value-based approaches that support and respect children's dignity and human rights.

What People Say about PBS

'The agency specialises in helping children with severe emotional difficulties by providing expert staff and a high level of resources'. - Ofsted 2018