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Phoenix offers short term and long term placements to children and young people aged 0 - 18 years.  We do accept emergency placements, but these are also subject to our rigorous matching process, which is a significant factor in the long-term success of a placement.

All of our placements are therapeutic, due to the way in which we work, the training our foster carers and staff receive, and the high levels of support and resources that the agency provides to each child and young person in placement.

All of our foster carers are entitled to 14 days paid respite per year, and we assess and train respite foster carers specifically for this purpose. Ideally, young people create long term relationships with the same respite carers, adding a further dimension of support to the placement. Respite carers are paid on a sessional basis, and are offered exactly the same training and support as our full time carers.

Most of our placements are solo placements, due to the significant challenges and levels of need of traumatised children and young people.  However, we also have a number of carers who offer placements to multiple children and young people.

All placements are supported by our team of supervising social workers, family support workers, administrators, managers and our positive behaviour support specialist.

In solo placements, each child and young person has their own dedicated family support worker. Regular therapeutic placement review meetings are also a standard feature of solo placements. Our business & development manager and psychologist provide guidance, oversight and support to all foster carers and young people.

Our aim with all of our placements is to work proactively with young people in order to facilitate secure attachment relationships and recovery from trauma.

Our foster carers and staff receive high levels of supervision, support and ongoing training.


'Children make exceptional progress from their starting points. The agency focuses firmly on helping children to progress.'

- Ofsted 2018

"There is highly effective matching of children with carers and, subsequently, a particularly high level if 'wraparound' care of each child."

- Ofsted 2014

'Most children make planned moves to their carers, in line with the agency's policy... staff endeavour to match children accurately with foster care households'.

- Ofsted 2018

'The subsequent longevity of most placements indicates that the matching process is effective.  Many children remains with their carers into adulthood.  One young man said, 'I've got so many people around me, helping me, I'll stay here.'

- Ofsted 2018

‘Children benefit from high levels of permanency; very few disruptions; minimal safeguarding concerns, and excellent attention to their education and emotional progress.’

- Ofsted 2014

'The agency is very well resourced.  The social workers carry modest caseloads, a team of family support workers work directly with children and carers, there is a service development manager, good administerial support and a behavioural specialist.

- Ofsted 2018

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