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Phoenix Fostering | Queens Meadow | Wigmore | Herefordshire | HR6 9UZ

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Our business & development manager is also an experienced EBD teacher. He provides guidance and support to all placements with regard to education, and specialist training to the schools where our children are placed in order to help education professionals and promote social inclusion, positive relationships and improved educational outcomes.


To date, he has worked with over a dozen schools within our placement region, and there is no doubt that this collaboration has enabled young people to sustain school places which would otherwise have broken down.


All of our children and young people are currently in education placements, from mainstream to specialist, and several of our older young people have gained qualifications and moved on to further educational and vocational settings.

What People Say about Education

'My foster son was unable to hear the word 'school' without throwing items and running away [because] his anxiety was so high.  By being aware of what he feels and by working closely with an excellent school, he is now attending full time and applying himself to his work'. - Anonymous Foster Carer (taken from Ofsted report 2018)