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Current Vacancies 

Foster Carer

In order to apply to Phoenix, there are a few requirements you will need to meet:​

  • You must be over 21

  • Have a spare bedroom

  • Be a British citizen, or have permanent leave to remain

  • Hold or to be working towards a UK driving licence

  • Be patient, empathic, resilient and have a good sense of humour

  • Be able to commit to the stability and support of a child

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Foster Carer


Assessing Social Worker

Assessing Social Worker

To complete BAAF Form F  assessments of prospective foster carers, and to present prospective foster carers to the Phoenix panel.  The assessing social worker should arrange an initial home visit.  Applicants should be seen for a minimum of 8 visits (at least 2 hours in duration).  You should see any children of the family (including adult children), and interview them on their views and experiences of being parented by the prospective foster carer/s.  You will also visit at least 3 referees in order to gain a broader view of the family and their suitability to foster.  All information collected during the assessment process must remain completely confidential within the organisation.  Assessing social workers must ascertain the suitability and competence of prospective foster carers, ensuring that they will provide a safe, healthy, therapeutic, anti-oppressive, nurturing and educationally stimulating environment for children and young people placed with them.  Assessing social workers must ensure that prospective foster carers fully understand the fostering task, and the minimum standards that are expected to be met.

Family Support Worker

Our Family Support Workers are required to:

  • Work flexible hours as part of our On Call system

  • Work closely with the registered manager, supervising social workers, PBS (behaviour) specialist, foster carers, educational professionals, health professionals, administration team and psychologists to support a caseload of 4-6 children and young people

  • Work primarily directly with each child/young person in accordance with individual and placement needs

  • Be flexible to meet the needs of the children and young people on the allocated caseload, usually weekly sessions.

  • Attend meetings to represent Phoenix, and advocate for the children and young people they work with

  • Complete paperwork and recordings for meetings to evidence the work they have completed with children and young people

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Check back here for future vacancies

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Supervising Social Worker

Supervising Social Worker

Our Supervising Social Workers are required to:

  • Work flexible hours as part of our On Call system

  • Carry a caseload of a maximum of 12 placements

  • Provide monthly supervision to their caseload of Foster Carers (including health & safety checks, safer caring within the home, and unannounced visits)

  • To manage the placement of children and young people, including coordinating, chairing and facilitating meetings

  • To ensure that the protection of children and promotion of the child's welface is given absolute priority in all areas of service provision and practice

  • To support and facilitate contact between children, their families and/or significant others as agreed in each child's placement plan

  • To work alongside the registered manager, services manager, PBS (behaviour) specialist, family support team and administration team

Panel Members

Our Panel Members are required to read circulated Form F's and sit on panel to decide whether a family can foster.

The Phoenix panel consists of a maximum of 7 members including independent and internal professionals.  

The Form F will be circulated to all panel members prior to this meeting, at which they will discuss a families suitability to foster.  The potential foster carer/s will be invited to attend this panel together with their assessing social worker.  They will be informed of the panel’s recommendation to the agency at the end of the meeting, and receive a letter from the agency decision maker within 5 working days, confirming whether they have been successful in their application to foster.  

Team meeting
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Other Independent Professionals

From time to time we require the assistance of independent professionals to work alongside our foster families utilising their experience to support the children and young people in our care.  Please get in touch if you would be interested in working with us in an independent capacity.  Some of the professionals we work with include:

  • Psychologists

  • DDP therapists

  • Play therapists 

  • CBT therapists

  • Education professionals

  • Occupational therapists

  • Independent reviewing officers

Please contact us on 01568 771961 or email
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