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Mind Of My Own
VoxCon 2021 awards!

We were nominated for a prize at the Mind Of My Own VoxCon 2021 awards.

Mind Of My Own is an app that allows young people to communicate with social workers and family support workers and other professionals. They can give feedback on the service and support they have received, and highlight areas where they would like support.

Our agency was nominated for the ‘Swiftest Implementation’ and were up against 3 other larger organisations.

Despite not winning, the nomination still recognised Phoenix's achievement.

We would like to thank everyone for their hard work and perseverance with helping to support this process through the implementation period. It should be mentioned that this was made more difficult due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation.

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Fostering Stories

If you have any fostering stories  to share, please email

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Gemma completed her 100th marathon on the 5th November!  We asked her to tell us about her road to 100!

Training 2022

10.01.2022 - Sensory Regulation- 10-2 - Wigmore

11.01.2022 - Sensory Regulation - 10-2 - Cookley

07.02.2022 - Social Worker Practice Session - 10-12 - Wigmore

22.02.2022 - Through the Kids Eyes (for Children / Young People) - 11-12.30 - Zoom

24.02.2022 - Through the Kids Eyes (for Birth Children/young people) 11- 12.30 Zoom

15.03.2022 - CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) - 10-2 - Wigmore

21.03.2022 - CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) - 10-2 - Cookley

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Children's Forum

Planning is underway for 2022