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Safe Caring

Your foster carers will have guidelines about how to look after you in a way that keeps you and everyone else in your foster home safe.


These guidelines will be adapted especially for you when you are placed with Phoenix, and they will depend on things like your age, your needs and behaviour, and the particular foster carers you are placed with.


The safe caring guidelines will be fully explained to you by your foster carers and your family support worker.


Although some of these guidelines will be necessary for your safety and the safety of others, your foster carers and the Phoenix team will listen to your ideas about things as well. Wherever possible, your views will be taken into account about every aspect of your care and your life in your new home.

Rules & Responsibilities

Everyone in society has to follow rules about how to behave. This is to make sure that everyone is respected and protected. If you don’t follow the rules about behaviour in your foster home, there will be consequences for this. Whenever possible, your foster carers will agree with you what these consequences will be. Your foster carers will have expectations of you, but foster carers also have a set of responsibilities to you and a set of rules to follow.


These are things that your foster carers will NEVER do, even if you have not followed the rules:

  • Hit or hurt you in any way

  • Invade your privacy

  • Take things away from you that are important to you

  • Make fun of you or make you feel bad

  • Treat you unfairly or discriminate against you

  • Swear at you or bully you

  • Stop you from having contact with people who are important to you

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