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Moving to Independence


Some of our young people stay with their foster carers until they reach the age where they can become independent and leave care.


There is no fixed age when this happens. It is different for everyone and it all depends on what you want to happen, what your options might be, whether you are in education or have a job, and whether or not you feel ready to live on your own.


Some young people leave care and become independent when they are 16, whereas others might well stay with their foster carers till they are much older. Even if you leave your foster home, your carers and the Phoenix team will still be here to support you. Lots of young people feel excited about Leaving care, but at the same time most young people feel anxious and worried about how things will work out.

Lots of skills are needed to manage everything when you are living on your own, and we will help you to develop and practice these skills. These might include things like finding a job, managing your money, understanding where to get help and advice, and looking after yourself.

Becoming independent isn’t just about practical things, though. Everyone needs emotional support, people to talk to and ask for help, and positive relationships in their lives. We will also understand if you feel worried about things, and will make sure that you still have plenty of support.


If you are in foster care before your 16th birthday, your local authority will provide you with a personal advisor and other after care services to ensure that you have a supported plan for independence.

We also provide the same support, both practical and emotional, for the parents who come to stay with one of our fostering families with their baby.

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