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What is Foster Care?

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Being fostered can also be described as being ‘in care’ or ‘looked after’. Children and young people are fostered when they are unable to stay with their birth families, or someone in their extended family.


Many young people can’t live with their birth families, and there are lots of different reasons for this. Some adults have problems that mean they can’t look after their children and keep them safe.


You have a right to know why you can’t live with your birth family, and your Foster Carers, Social Worker and Family Support Worker will help you to understand this.


Some young people stay in foster care for a very short time, and others stay until they are ready to leave home.

Over 50,000 children and young people are fostered in England and Wales

What is Phoenix?

Phoenix provides family placements for young people who are living in foster care.


Phoenix is a team of people, including Foster Carers and Family Support Workers. Phoenix was set up to look after young people who might have had very difficult or frightening experiences. Phoenix Foster Carers and staff are specially trained and supported so that they can understand these things and help to make them better.


We are all here to look after you, listen to you and make sure that you are safe and happy.


You might be nervous about coming to a new foster placement, and that’s OK. Your new Foster Carers will be nervous too, but they will also be excited that you are coming to stay with them and will be looking forward to your arrival.

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