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Bullying is deliberately aggressive behaviour that can be carried out by one person or a group. Anyone can be a victim of bullying, and bullies can be children or adults.


Bullying is very serious and can be devastating for people who are being bullied. Bullying is never acceptable and you don’t have to suffer in silence or put up with it. The first thing to do is tell someone you trust. This doesn’t have to be your foster carer or family support worker. It can be your social worker, a teacher, a friend, an advocate or a relative.


However bad it feels, or scared you are, we will always take you seriously and we will always listen to you. There are lots of ways of dealing with bullying and it is always a good idea to let adults around you know what is going on. Bullying is not something that anyone should have to deal with on their own - it always feels better to talk about it and let someone else know.


If you are bullying other people, we will work with you on this to help you understand why you are behaving in this way and how you can stop. We won’t ignore this behaviour - we will always challenge it and do everything we can to prevent it from happening. But we will still listen and give you all the support we can.


If you would like further information about bullying, we’ve put contact info in the Useful Contacts section at the back of this guide.


People calling you names

People teasing you

People deliberately getting you into trouble

Being made to do things you don’t want to do

Hitting, pinching, biting, shoving and pushing

People taking things away from you

People damaging your belongings

People ignoring you or deliberately leaving you out

People stealing your money

People taking friends away from you

Nasty or threatening text messages or emails

Posting nasty or threatening information on the web or by IM (cyber-bullying)

People spreading rumours about you

Threats and intimidation (people scaring you)

Silent or nasty phone calls

People being nasty or treating you badly or differently for any reason (behaviour like this can include discrimination, and it can be illegal)

Bullying can include:

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