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How fortunate we are...

Looking over some paperwork I found the note printed in italics below, also under the “About” section on this blog site.  I wanted to republish it ….. it is truer today than when first written.  It describes how foster caring has changed us and what we hope we continue to work towards achieving.  We began our fostering journey by considering the benefits we would bestow.  Arrogant really; little did we know what a positive return we ourselves would receive.  Apologies for the sentiment, but it is very real… goes – repeat publishing!


Being therapeutic foster carers was an almost accidental choice.  The best accidental occurrence ever.  Looking back we cannot imagine not having taken that step to change direction.  Our lives have improved beyond measure – the joy of discovering an unknown person and journeying with them towards brighter days is a daily adventure, and one we could so easily have missed.


We are looking to break the mould and provide a forum in which to foster innovative, supportive ideas around providing simple but effective parenting of children for whom there appears to be no hope.  We aspire to replace fear with resilient pride, torment with hope and create shared journeys of hope, joy and ultimate success – whatever shape that success might be.


Therapeutic caring is not easy, but we invite you to come journey a while and see if together we can make difficult feel simple, and watch love flourish.

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